Best wishes from GB


 From 2nd to 7th June 2014 a group of 45 students and 3 teachers from our school spent a great time in Hastings, London and Brighton.

The group
The group


Our photos shall give you an impression of this adventure trip.

 We saw sights that we knew from our English lessons.


We enjoyed the wonderful beaches of Hastings and Brighton.


We had enough time to stroll around, do some shopping and take pictures.

It was amazing to have the British atmosphere around us and to see that we understand a lot and are able to ask passengers questions.

We stayed in British families at night – that was also such an interesting experience. At first we were a bit shy but the more we talked in English the better we felt.

And we were happy to manage situations we’ve never had before.

Before we went home we thanked our bus driver for driving us through the crowded and left-side traffic in GB and bringing us back home safely – and gave him a cookie-bus.


Good bye GB – one day we’ll come back!

Bye Bye Bye Bye

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